You deserve happiness empowerment success and freedom in ALL areas of your life...

And, sometimes challenges (hidden in the subconscious mind, cellular memory, and energy field) get in the way...

Dr. Catherine's Solution-Focused Coaching, Guided Self-Hypnosis, Reiki & Karuna Ki Energy Healing and Training put you back in control of your life with clarity, power, and peace-of mind.

Dr. Catherine facilitates Quantum Shifts in perception, using a perfect blend of science-based and esoteric methods of getting to the root -cause of any block to your success and happiness.

Through gentle hypnotic and energy healing techniques, Dr. Catherine REVEALS and AMPLIFIES  YOUR GREATEST STRENGTHS. and CLEARS AWAY the subconscious-energetic-magnetic-genetic-Akashic-mental-emothional obstacles that hold you back from LIVING LIFE ON YOUR TERMS

Call 225-906-0422 to inquire about services, pricing, and to schedule one-to-one or group sessions. 

* For Corporate Training, pricing will vary depending on the number of employee participants

*For Athletic Teams, group and one-to-one training is available.


“When you realize who you are, your immeasurable value, and what you are capable of, you will ask for what you really want, and you will expect to receive it…then, you will make it happen.”   

~ Dr. Catherine Pellecchia Perry


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