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About Dr. Catherine

A success catalyst with heart, a change agent with compassion, known by many as an 'ambassador of happiness, empowerment and freedom.'

Dr. Catherine “Cathy" Pellecchia PerryMED, DD, CHt, known as “Miracle Woman” is a natural leader and healer, who brings positive change to people from all walks of life.


She is the psychotherapist-turned-spiritual healer referenced in her award-winning book Courageous Wake chronicalling her spiritual awakening journey that compelled her to fly out of the spiritual closet and reveal the secret of her success: her true nature as a highly effective intuitive energy healer, miraculous manifestor, and conscious channel of Spirit (High Self, The Divine, God, Source, Angels, Light…)

“Following my spiritual guidance ~ what comes through my intutive channel ~ is my most powerful, practical tool for success in my own life as well as in facilitating successful outcomes for all of my clients,” says Dr. Catherine. 

Dr. Catherine's coaching, energy healing, and personal empowerment trainings

have caused spontaneous remissions, financial success, peace-of-mind, and phenomenal positive transformation for thousands of people: individuals, couples, families, businesses, athletic teams, and organizations.

With effortless laser-precision,  Dr. Catherine listens to and trusts her intuition while channeling, wielding, and directing the flow of LIGHT, DIVINE DOWNLOADS, and PURE LOVE to and for her clientelle, workshop attendees, and audiences.

“I love the fantastic feedback I hear from my clients. Knowing the magnitude of what I am facilitating for them (and what THEY are able to do as empowered humans) is the proof-in-the-pudding...it’s one of the reasons I stay eager, excited, and inspired to keep working this way,” says Dr. Catherine  “The list of my successes with clients is phenomenal!"



Increases of joy, elation, enthusiasm, libido, vitality, and creativity

Greater passion and sense of purpose

Facial and whole body rejuvenation

Accelerated financial flow 

Feeling greater connection to the Creative Source (God, High Self, Angels)

Healing of emotional trauma

Increase of potent energy flow for healers

Spontaneous appearance of desired bodily conditions

Dream job opportunities materializing 

Manifesting wonderful, satisvying relationships,

Phenomenal athletic performance increases  

Greater self-confidence and self-efficacy 

and much more.”

Dr. Catherine is more than a coach and healer. 

She teaches people how to self-heal: 

-to tune in and develop their innate mental and spiritual abilities, 

-to open and reprogram their minds, 

-to connect to Spirit, 

-to clear and enhance their energetic fields, and

- to effectively utilize their intuition and self-transformative power (Life Force).

~To schedule an individual consultation, book a speaking-healing presentation, or  have Dr. Catherine train your team in the art of mastering energetic-intuitive communication, 

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“Know this: You are a magnificent and powerful creative force in every category of your own life ~ your career, your health & well~being, your relationships, your leadership, your overall happiness."                                       

- Dr. Catherine


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