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The Power of Reiki:

A Growing Trend for Creating

Health and Happiness




Dr. Catherine Pellecchia Perry aka “Miracle Woman”



What is Reiki? What does it do?

Where did it come from? Who can be a Reiki practitioner? Who can receive it? What are the benefits of Reiki?


Reiki, pronounced RAY’ – kee, is a Japanese word meaning Divine or Universal Life Force—Yes, like “Use ‘The Force’, Luke.” from the Star Wars movies.


The Ki is the same energy source as used in Karate, Kung Fu, and other Martial Arts.


Reiki is the powerful, love-based matrix of Light frequencies that creates and expands Universes and is flowing throughout and connecting all that is.


The knowledge of how to use Divine Life Force in healing precedes history and is practiced by cultures all over the world.


Reiki as a healing art was developed in Japan in early 1900s and is now widely used in the West. New York City’s Sloan-Kettering Hospital reportedly has their own in-house Reiki training protocols for their medical personnel.  


Reiki is one of many world spiritual healing arts. A person becomes a Reiki Practitioner by receiving training from a Reiki Master-Teacher who instills an attunement—a process of transferring the ability to channel the energy to benefit themselves or others.  The attunement causes the student-practitioner to be an open and effective conduit or channel for the powerful healing life force energy—the energy of the primary creative Source also known as God, Pure Consciousness, The Force, Christ Energy, Angels, The Field, Chi, Qi, Prana, Mana, Divine Matrix, The Light, Source, Great Spirit, Holy Spirit, etc.


Reiki practitioners receive, transmit, and flow the transformational healing energy—with intent—into and throughout their own electromagnetic fields; then, they send the Reiki from their hands into the energy system, aura, and body of another person, group of people, animals and plants, homes, buildings, geographical regions, water, food, etc. to generate harmony, health, wellbeing, peace, prosperity, compassion, and joy.



Here Are Some Amazing Benefits of Practicing and Receiving Reiki:



Enhances happiness, sense of joy, and enthusiasm for life


Creates sense of belonging and connectedness


Brings about calm assertive state, clarity, and relaxed confidence                                              


Amplifies creativity, intuition, and ingenuity


Heals and clears past-life, ancestral, and present life trauma


Reintegrates the Soul-Mind


Heals the heart


Removes and transmutes negative energy, attachments, addictions


Increases self esteem, social esteem, extroversion, and charisma


Strengthens the whole body, all organs, all systems, all cellular function


Activates youth-gene clusters, rapid rejuvenation, and regeneration


Restores mental, emotional, physical, and energetic balance


Strengthens & restores immune function of humans and animals


Creates sense of greater connection to the Divine/Source/God


Increases athletic ability and performance


Generates flow of prosperity and abundance


Enhances self-valuing, self-trust, and motivation to take action


Creates deep relaxation and peace-of-mind


Re-wires the brain and creates brain-heart synergy


The list of amazing benefits that Reiki provides is unlimited.


Anyone can learn to consciously and intentionally use Reiki. (Even people with no hands can be trained to send the energy from their hearts!) Everyone is connected to Reiki. Any condition can be created or transformed with Reiki.


There are no limits to what Reiki can do for humanity, for Earth, and of course, for YOU.




Dr. Catherine Pellecchia Perry, Miracle Woman, is a Professional Reiki Master-Teacher, Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Creation Coach/Consultant, Speaker, and Author of Courageous Wake. She loves connecting people with their innate power to create happy, abundant, and healthy lives.


For information or to have Dr. Catherine come out and train your group in the art of Reiki, call Dr. Catherine’s Baton Rouge office: 225-906-0422