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The Book of Well~Being

The Most Powerful, Positive, Hypnotic Self-Talk That Will Change Your Whole Life

I am so excited about what this new book will do for you and billions of our fellow humans. 

This is truly Magical!

I will keep you posted on the release dates as well as pre-release ordering.


Awaken to your truth.

This book is an elixir for the searching soul.


Enjoy the ride 

as I bring you

along  my unique, empowering and magical journey as a  psychotherapist suddenly awakening to my psychic abilities and spiritual healing powers in my counseling practice.

Feel the energy of the story. Notice the shifts happening within your body and energy field, and realize yourself living in greater integrity with your truth.

If this book is for you, your intuition is telling you that it is.

Courageous Wake is available at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com

Adventures in Manifesting:

Health and Happiness


There is always a way back to your empowered, happy, healthy, and prosperous state! 

The God Card,

is my personal example of how spiritual guidance and following one’s intuition can clear away obstacles and get you back on track. This inspiring,  powerfully- motivating self-help chapter is featured in Adventures in Manifesting: Health and Happiness along with chapters by bestselling authors Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Marilyn Joyce of The Secret, Loral Langmeier, and more.

Enjoy Reading, and dare to live the life you truly desire!

“Know thisYou are a magnificent and powerful creative force in every category of your own life ~ your mindset, your success, your body’s fitness & well~being, your sexuality, your relationships, your social life, your leadership, your overall happiness."                                       

- Dr. Catherine


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