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About Dr. Catherine


Dr. Catherine P. Perry, CHt is the intuitiive spiritual healer, certified hypnotherapist, business alchemist, and master manifestor who turns the phrase "Anything is possible" into "What you desire has just become your reality!"

She teaches high level mind-matter-energy collaboration to people who resonate with the principles of The Universal Law of Attraction, 5D vibrational alignment, and mastering the flow of Pure Source Energy: Reiki, Prana, Mana, Chi.

Her cultivation of The Holy Grail Mastermind, involving what she calls Quantum Integrative Shifting and Thought Surgery, are "keys to unlocking the doors to higher consciousness and using higher mental-intuitive-spiritual-physical states in practical ways.

Dr. Catherine works with Large and Small Businesses: Owners/Principals, Partners, Boards of Directors, Groups of Solo Entrepreneurs, and Organizations with 50+ Employees.

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The Holy Grail Mastermind

Ascension for the

Heart and Soul of

Your Business


Your Investment


Dr. Catherine's energy is a natural, miraculous catalyst for instant leveling-up of your creative and financial capacities.

Dr. Catherine's clients receive results like these:

Increases in Manifesting Abilities in Business and throughout Multiple Categories of Life

Money In-Flow Increases, Revenue Tripling, Quadrupling, Quintupling, Sextupling, Septupling, Octupling...Exponential Increases 

Consciously, Effortlessly, Exceeding Business Goals & Reaching Personal Milestones with Joy 

Heart-Centered Presence and Authentic Influence

Higher Degree of Laser Clarity, Intutive Discernment

Graceful, In-the-Flow, Benevolent Mergers and Aquisitions via Mastering Heart Chakra - Pineal Gland Synergy

Conscious Leadership Skills Translating into Immediate, Lasting Peace-of-Mind, Elevated Self-Trust, Expanded Trust and Cooperation among Team Members

Obvious Expansion of Consciousness, Increased Intuitive Flow from Highest Self

Enhanced Internal-Energetic Locus of Control, Enjoying Ease in Navigating Universal Laws of Vibration, Attraction, and Creation

Noticeable Upgrades in                                               DNA-Merkaba-Akashic Expression Evidenced in Optimized  Physical and Non-Physical Conditions 

Greater Effectiveness, Balance, Flexibilitiy, Enjoyment, Organization, and Productivity 

Optimized Multi-Sensory, Benevolent Decision-Making, Successfullly Mining Past-Life, Historical, and Ancestral Strengths, Akashic Strengthening  

And So Much More...


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The Holy Grail Mastermind

Ascension for the

Heart and Soul of

Your Business

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Dr. Catherine P. Perry, Miracle Woman, speaking to an audience of business owners, Newark, New Jersey



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