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About Dr. Catherine

Call 225-906-0422                                                               Dr. Catherine will clear your energetic ostacles so that you will realize your success and happiness.


Dr. Catherine P. Perry turns the phrase "Anything is possible" into                                 "What you desire is now your reality!"

Dr. Catherine P. Perry, aka Miracle Woman,                   is a Certified Hypnotherapist,  Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Mastifestation Coach, and Business Alchemist. 

Dr. Catherine's clients resonate with the principles of The Universal Laws of Attraction, Metaphysical Healing, 5D & higher dimensional alignment, and enhancing the integration (UNITY) of mind, body, energy, Soul. 

Dr. Catherine powerfully enhances her clients' manifestation and self-transformation abilities.

She clears and transmutes the energetic patterns that limit the human being. 

These energy shifts create increased awareness, or "felt-sense", of their Inner Being, the essence of Pure Source Energy ~ God's Light, Divine Love, The Highest Self, and Intuitive Wisdom.                             

Using a combination of Deep Guided Meditation, Reiki, Karuna Ki, 7-Rays, BioGenesis, and channeled Light Codes & Frequencies, Dr. Catherine developed the transformational, hypnotic process called:

The Holy Grail Mastermind


This subconscious sifting and strengthening phenomenon includes Quantum Integrative Shifting and Thought Surgery, "KEYS" to successful utility of super-high mental-emotional-vibrational-intuitive-spiritual-physical states of being for the purpose of enjoying the feeling of FREEDOM within higher consciousness and new paradigms. 

The rebooting of the DNA, infusing light into the subconscious mind, and enhancing the effectiveness of the brain's pineal gland greatly empowers you in the direction of your hearts' desires and the achievement of one's goals with love, strength, confidence, enthusiasm, vitality, fun, ease, grace, total wellbeing, and joy.

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Maximizing the Light within you...Realizing your greater human capacities...SEEING and HEARING more clearly than ever before...

The Holy Grail Mastermind

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Leading Edge Creation Consultations

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*All operations of Dr. Catherine P. Perry, Catherine P. Perry, LLC, Dr. Catherine - Miracle Woman, Intuitive spiritual business consulting, including quantum integrative shifting, energy healing, hypnosis, thought surgery, executive coaching, and Reiki Training at the satellite office in Paramus, NJ have been moved to the Baton Rouge, LA location.

*Important:  Dr. Catherine's through her prior psychotherapy/counseling practice as  "Catherine P. Perry, LPC" has been joyfully transformed to Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt) and Creation Coach.

Call 225-906-0422

Dr. Catherine will clear your energetic ostacles so that you will realize your success and happiness.


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