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A Message to All My Readers

May you know that you have access to the highest wisdom and the capacity to manifest your version of heaven on Earth.

With Love,
Dr. Catherine


Courageous Wake


Enjoy the ride as                    Dr. Catherine brings you with her on her curious, wondrous, at times scary, funny, exciting, emotion evoking, empowering, and inspiring journey that complelled her to COME OUT OF THE SPIRITUAL CLOSET!

A Spiritual Awakening Beckoned ...

It was time for Dr. Catherine P. Perry to acknowledge the importance of her intuition, clairevoyance, and her extraordinary healing abilities that she had been SECRETLY using to make her psychotherapy clients healthier, happier, and wealthier.


Reading Courageous Wake Heals and Transforms You... 

Realize yourself being in greater integrity, living according to YOUR own truth, with enjoyment, abundance, freedom to be the REAL YOU, completely empowered, attracting all the RIGHT PEOPLE, phenomenal synchronicities, plenty of fun, and sustained, organic enthusiasm!

Are you chills of truth giving you a nudge? 


Courageous Wake

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Awaken to your truth.


Have FUN doing it!!!!!


Coming Soon

The Book of Well~Being

The Most Powerful, Positive, Hypnotic 

Self-Talk That Will Change Your Life

What this new book will do for you

and billions of our fellow humans is EXCITING.

Truly Magical!

We will keep you posted on the release dates as well as pre-release ordering.


Adventures in Manifesting: Health and Happiness


The God Card...

Dr. Catherine’s personal example of how staying open, trusting one’s spiritual guidance, and following the intuitions presented clears away obstacles and puts you back on track to being in-the-flow, manifesting with ease and grace, and living in integrity with your True Self.

This inspiring, powerfully-motivating, and vibrationally catalytic chapter, The God Card, is featured in Adventures in Manifesting: Health and Happiness along with chapters by bestselling authors Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Marilyn Joyce of The Secret, Loral Langmeier, and  more.

Dr. Catherine P. Perry enjoying one of her favorite events with wonderful friends along her journey, Atlanta, Georgia.


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